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$10 members get a “GUMBALLHEAD 1992” mini comic! It’s Gumballhead the Cat’s first full comic story from 1992. It has never seen print till now! Hand screen printed cover!! A few notes on when and why the comic was made! See a short, squat, 1992 Gumballhead be a total dick!  Join any time in March and get this goodie! 

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This comic will remain free, join my dumb Patreon page and get this comic early, and get all kinds of bonus stuff, even a bonus comic every week! Get a goodie like a button, a sticker, a patch, or a mini screen print every month!  See what goes on in my stupid head when I make this stuff. Interact with me, encourage me to do more dumb bullshit with the cat! It’ll be fun.

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Author: gumballheadthecat

I'm a normal person. I went to schools, I worked at jobs, and have been in relationships, just like you. I enjoy music, comedy, and true crime. I hand make visual, 2-D art, and draw this comic strip. Don't talk to me about music, I like different music than you do, and don't want to explain it. I hate comic books. Never talk to me about comic books. Seriously, not even as a joke. Just don't do it. Other than those two things (the music thing, and the comic book thing) I'm a normal person. A NORMAL PERSON.

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